planning versus doing

I have always been a planner. I love to plan,to map everything out and I *need* to have everything perfect before I begin a project or a business. But, in creating my perfect plan, I finally realized that I was wasting valuable time when I could just be DOING. Allowing myself to spend so much time “planning” was the mental equivalent of your boss’ mandatory Monday meetings. Half the time they are just meetings about meetings and you could be spending your time better elsewhere. 

My World Domination Plan is a prime example. When I first opened my law practice, I spent so much time drafting and revising my business plan (aka the World Domination Plan), I had very little time to actually follow through on the plan. In addition, the plan was so detailed, it was EXHAUSTING just to think about it, let alone implement. If I had just skipped the plan (and the revisions upon revisions) and just TOOK ACTION, I would have achieved more in a shorter amount of time. 

While having a plan is important, you need to avoid the trap of feeling like you need to perfect plan. Now, having years of experience as an entrepreneur, I look at that mistake and I have learned – you can have the most perfect, detailed plan, but without action, it is just another pile of papers in your office. 


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