I was working out today with my trainer at the gym.  I love my gym because it is a pretty down and dirty kind of place, nothing fancy and a great crew of members and employees who are friendly and supportive.  Best of all, I have a trainer, nicknamed “Monster,” who is not afraid to give it to me straight, especially when I avoid doing the hard stuff during a workout.  He knows just how to push me along to make me leave it all on the mat during our session.

Today, we were discussing his dream of opening a “high end” small workout facility, which we have discussed quite a few times(as I am thinking, “hey, aren’t I fancy enough for you? 😂). Not one for hearing excuses (unless they are *my* excuses for not working out, those are totally valid), I asked him, “well, what is stopping you from doing it?” He stopped in his tracks, prepared to give me an excuse as to why it had not happened yet.  He finally said, “I don’t know.”

We all do it.  We all make excuses.  What are your excuses?  What are your goals?  Well, what is stopping *you* from doing it?  Whatever “it” might be?


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