finding direction

I have been thinking a lot lately about direction.  After years of sometimes feeling like I was wandering aimlessly down a very specific career path, I transitioned into doing something that I love.  I finally found my direction.  I also love helping others achieve their own vision and find their own direction.  I have also always had this incredible urge to write, but I had trouble settling on a topic… some would call it a problem of a multi-passionate entrepreneur, which, if you look at my business and personal interests, is definitely the case!  Until I realized recently that I constantly give others business and personal development advice (whether they ask for it or not 😉) and I have learned (mostly the hard way) about a ton of useful resources that make being an entrepreneur a bit easier and sometimes let you have a lot more fun.  My personal motto has always been, “go big or go home,” so So Blonde Vivant is going BIG — moving forward with a little more of an entrepreneurial focus… but still like a mullet…. business in the front, party in the back.  The fun still will still be around. And still momming as hard as ever, since we all know that makes running a business even more interesting!  😳❤️


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