Obsession Confession: make up and beauty products

I am totally obsessed with make-up and beauty products. Like way past VIB Rouge 😜 I keep up with a ton of different vlogs, blogs and, you would not necessarily expect it, but BuzzFeed is a great source for product recommendations that go beyond Sephora. I saw this video on BuzzFeed for Hell-Pore Clean Up mask and, considering that it had “Hell-Pore” in its name, I had to try it. It was billed as “the most painful” mask out there, but also touted as something that worked, and I was in. Turns out, not so painful. Perhaps I have been training my pores for too long with Biore strips, or perhaps I have a high pain tolerance, but it just was not that painful. It worked, some what, and I could see it being both painful and showing results on someone who does not use masks or strips very often. I even doubled down with some Biore strips after to see what it missed and it missed quite a bit. Bummer, because it had me at “Hell-Pore.” What is your obsession?  Alternatively, any new beauty product obsessions lately?

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