❤❤❤ Love on the Run

I knocked out a ton of things today, but I’ve gotta tell you… I am exhausted. I spent more time prepping for Eleven’s “Multicultural Friendship Day Celebration” (“Valentine’s” is apparently not to be used at her school 🙄) today than I did for a huge meeting (meeting went well, I already knew my stuff going in 😉) But it begs the question, “why do we do this to ourselves as parents?” I had to find Eleven the perfect homemade, creative Valentines (thank you, Etsy!), thematic outfit and, for added fun, her class asked for us each to send in a dish to share with the class that represented her heritage…. so there I was, buying 50 empanadas at 9am, two towns over. 

What happened to little paper cards with Hello Kitty on the front that you just signed?  Gifts and full on decor in the morning are de rigeur on my social feeds (please see my instagram, linked on the side column, where I was forced to repurpose a remaining Christmas tree as a “Valentine’s Day” tree bc I am too busy running around to take it down). And I am a hypocrite bc I totally contribute to the madness (see her Valentines, complete with ring pops, above) and somehow tell myself that I am not *too* out of control bc I was not the mom who aided and abetted the “You knock my socks off” Valentine that was accompanied by a pair of socks for each kid in the class. We do this to each other. Us mamas have to have a meeting about this and agree to go back to the paper Hello Kitties. 


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