Mommy Guilt

(My daughter’s Snapchat selfie)
I had to leave my husband and daughter (let’s call her “Eleven”) this evening for a few days of travel. The travel does not qualify as leisure per se, although I will have fun, so I should not feel bad. My husband is completely supportive*** of my travel for work and other interests so I should not feel bad about that either. So why am I alone in a bed (I should be excited about this fact) and feeling bad about leaving the homefront?

[[***by way of explanation, he is supportive as long as I have provided an email schedule of  Eleven’s events, laid out Eleven’s clothing for both activities and apres-activity, and provided a few meal ideas, along with some downtime activity suggestions.]]

Isn’t it enough to make sure we remembered to pack our underwear, without having to deal with the “Mommy Guilt”?  Won’t our kids remember us as independent go-getters or will they be discussing in therapy in 30 years how their moms left them for a few days under the care of their father and their dad dressed them like a UC Berkeley professor? (This wardrobe event actually happened –  I will have to find and post that pic another day)

  1. Anyway, it does get a teeny bit easier each time, but I feel like the Guilt will always be there. Any suggestions as to how you get over Mommy Guilt?  


  1. Mommy guilt never goes away. You feel guilty over everything always.. what you made them for lunch, they don’t have matching socks, they don’t know how to make their beds, they are in a bad relationships, they don’t have everything they want, they have too much. Really. It never ends. Just accept that you are going to feel guilty no matter what then realize that you do the best you can, always.


    • That is such eloquent advice, thank you! I cannot even imagine the teen years… ha! Anyway, back at home now and all is well. She made up for lost time and said, “Mommy” or “Mama,” followed by something at least 126 times. 😉

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