hello world!!

Hi! So this is me.  Or at least the avatar version of me that looks pretty accurate (but it is missing the under-eye circles thanks to a kid who never sleeps through the night).  I am trying this blog thing, again.  I had a blog when I was in my late twenties (I am now late thirties) and it was modestly popular and I had a blast writing it, although I hated when my friends would read it. I much preferred the online company of strangers (that did not come out right) when it came to blogging.  I talked about wine and fun and all of those things that you get to talk about before marriage and motherhood take over your life.  Then, motherhood and marriage took over and I let the blog go.

About a year ago, I tried another blog, but it just did not feel authentically me.  I had a little fun, but I felt like I was writing about things that I *should* be writing about, not what I necessarily *wanted* to write about.  I dreaded blogging and, I looked at the signs, saw that I was avoiding it for a reason and I unceremoniously killed the blog.

But, now I am back!  Or maybe I was never really fully “in” before… so I guess… I am here, welcoming friends and all.  My name is Aericka, I am in my late thirties, I have a young daughter and a husband and live in the ‘burbs of New Jersey, just outside of the city.  I am a production consultant and an attorney by training.  At any given time, you will find me somewhere running around NJ, NYC, LA or Miami. Or just home in my pjs.  I love fashion, but I also love pjs.  I used to run quite a bit, but fell off the running wagon and have not started back. I am hellbent on kicking some ass on major career goals this year and I am finally going to get organized and perhaps finish decorating the house that we moved into three and a half years ago.  I heart blonde hair.  I also love steak.  I occasionally drop the ball in a spectacular fashion like, missing a parent-teacher conference or forgetting to look at the cable bill and my cable getting turned off or trying to get into the back of someone’s Escalade when I think it is an Uber, but it is not….  This is not just me, right?  I look forward to sharing my adventures and connecting with everyone else. xxo


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